Thursday, May 29, 2008

Talika Lipocils

you know how sometimes you use a new shampoo and get fabulous results, but after you've been using it for about a month or so it seems to not work so well? that's because your hair adjusts to it, and gets used to it, and then you have to go find another formula to get those amazing results again. i'm hoping that eyelashes work the same way, because i've been faithful to Mavala Double Lash Eyelash Conditioner for over a year now (read about it here) to get longer, thicker, stronger lashes, and have recently decided to try out a new lash conditioner, Talika Lipocils Eyelash Gel. although my beloved Mavala hasn't stopped working for me, i'm curious to see if Talika can give me even more length and take my lashes to the next level. i'm thinking that maybe the new, different formula will kick-start my lashes into another growth phase? maybe i'm delusional, but i'm testing it out anyways, and it's just been a few days but i will gladly give you my initial findings.

Talika Lipocils promises longer, stronger lashes in 28 days from using their formula which contains soy lecithin liposomes that are said to stimulate lash growth. a few points from Talika's website that make their claims promising:
  • Lipocils is the only lash product on the market to rightly claim and prove eyelash growth. It is the only product ever to be authorized in France to advertise this claim
  • Lipocils can be used everyday and is suitable even for the most sensitive eyes (Except in the extremely rare event of an allergic reaction)
  • Effects are proven by clinical tests
from my own preliminary testing of the product, i can tell you that i really like the delivery system of the Eyelash Gel. instead of coming in a little glass bottle like Mavala Double Lash, Talika comes in a regular mascara-like plastic tube which is much more user friendly. the mascara brush applicator that you use to apply the gel is much bigger and more densely bristled than Mavala's, making it easier to coat all your lashes thoroughly with one quick sweep of the brush. compared to Mavala's whitish tinted product, i prefer Talika's lighter, clear formula because in the morning when i wake up i can't even tell there has been anything on my lashes. with Mavala, sometimes i will wake up and find tiny little white flakes on my cheeks from where the product has dried and fell off during the night. so formula and packaging-wise, i already prefer Talika. however, the most important thing to me is that what i'm using promotes eyelash growth and keeps my lashes strong and healthy, and i know Mavala does this well for it's $18 pricetag. Talika is over twice as much, clocking in at $40 (eeek! i know!), so it had better show me some significantly more noticeable results if it wants to become a permanent member of my beauty arsenal. stay tuned for updates on how it's working out and whether or not you should splurge on your own tube!

have you ever tried Talika Lipocils? if so, what was your experience?


Anonymous said...

I love love love everything about your blog site, I can't get enough of it! You are more than welcome to spend days with me if you ever do come to NYC.

erica xo

The Kitty said...

erica- awwwww, that was seriously the nicest comment i have ever got!!! i made this blog because i knew how much *i* adored reading other people's and just wanted to give it a shot of my own, and i never thought even one person would read it, let alone love love love it! thank you so much, you really made my day, and i would love love LOVE LOVE LOVE to take you up on that offer on NYC! i'll be stalking you as soon as i come up wtih enough gas money to get there! :P

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Ashley said...

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