Thursday, May 15, 2008

Juicy Booty WINS!

ok so, i am OBSESSED with America's Next Top Model, i've watched it religiously since the second season and i can't stop myself! even though i despise Tyra i can't get enough of the girls, and the makeup (shocker!), and the photo shoots, and the drama. it is such a guilty pleasure and i adore it, and i was so thrilled that Whitney ended up winning! finally the world and the media and especially the modeling industry (even though ANTM is not the real modeling industry by any means) is accepting and celebrating normal sized women. i am so sick and tired of every tv show, movie, magazine, and commercial showing impossibly thin women that only make all the normal women feel bad about themselves for not being part of the 2% of the population who are a natural size 2. so bravo, ANTM! although i have to admit, i had Anya pegged as the winner from the 4th episode on, and i think she is a much better model photo-wise, and the judges seemed to think so i'm wondering if there was more to picking Whitney than meets the eye?

do you think ANTM picked Whitney just to make a statement or do you really think Whitney was the better model? tell me what you think in the comments!

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