Friday, May 02, 2008


hola readers! and how are you all today? well i am reeling after my trip to the grocery store where i happened upon all the gossip rags sporting pics of Jennifer Aniston and Jon Mayer cuddling by some pool! if you didn't already know, Jennifer Aniston is my favorite actress/celebrity/starlet/person-- i love everything about her, and i am SO 100% Team Jennifer. she is sweet, funny, kind, gorgeous, and so amazingly classy (do you remember that Vanity Fair article with her? it was the first interview she gave after her and Brad split, and she never said ONE bad word about him the whole time? that is CLASS my friends). i was also a fan of Brad Pitt and Angelina "The Homewrecker" Jolie until their whole scandal erupted a few years ago, but i loathe both of them now and think they're literally insane (i don't care HOW much money you have, NO ONE needs to have 13 kids, money doesn't equal time and love and no parents as busy as Brad and Angelina have time for 13 kids, yes, they plan on having THIRTEEN KIDS). anyways, you can imagine my suprise when i glanced at the magazines and saw my favorite actress cuddling with Jon Mayer! check out the interesting photos...
there's this one, where i imagine that Jon is saying "Hey Jen, pass me the Parliament Lights" and Jennifer is contemplating her next red carpet dress, and this one...
...where the dress dilemma has been solved and now they can relax. LOL!

anyways, to score a perfect poolside look like Jen, i recommend exfoliating thoroughly the night before with a grainy scrub or exfoliating gloves (i prefer the gloves), followed up by a healthy dose of self tanner to get your body glowing in a smart way. i just received this new self tanner from QVC called Monne Express Self Tanning Liquid so i'll be testing that out and doing a review soon, but some tried and true self tanners to check out are St. Tropez's Tinted Self Tanner, Bare Escentual's Faux Tan, or if you like a moisturizer + gradual self tanner in one, Jergen's Natural Glow or Dove Energy Glow.

before your poolside debut, make sure your toes are looking good by giving yourself an at home pedicure! nothing is raunchier than a gorgeous swimsuit and strappy sandals with busted up toes to top the look off! soak your feet in warm, soapy water and then use a foot file or pumice stone to scrape away the dead skin and calluses that form from a winter of wearing your favorite boots. for nails, my favorite polishes are by OPI because they have a great variety of colors, an affordable price (around $7 per bottle), and a high end finish. and they make a fabulous Top Coat and Natural Nail Base Coat which extend the length and quality of your pedicure for weeks! if you're on a tight budget but still want some color on your fingers and toes, check out NYC's nail polish. it ranges from $.99-$2 at the drugstore and does a pretty good job of staying put for the price.

when you wake up the day of your pool or beach visit and you're bronzed and beautiful, just concentrate on glamming up your lashes with some waterproof mascara and adding a slick of bright, summery lipgloss to your mouth. a good mascara for volumizing, look-at-me lashes is DiorShow Waterproof Mascara and as for lipgloss, try either MAC Lipglass or L'oreal Colour Juice glosses which are amazing in quality and pigmentation, and very affordable for about $6-7 at your local drugstore. i'd go for bright pink or coral, both which look beautiful with a tan. you definitely don't want to be fussing with melting foundation and powder when you're swimming or hanging out in the sun, so i'd say skip the rest of the makeup.

for your hair, you've gotta work with your natural texture because no blowout will last in the sun and humidity! for a messy, sexy look much like the one Jen regularly rocks, spray on a little texture spray with added SPF to protect your locks from the sun (try Frederic Fekkai Summer Hair Beach Waves). if you want to pull your hair up, another great thing to do is apply a deep conditioner or hair oil and twist your hair into a bun, letting the sun warm your hair which helps the treatment to penetrate more deeply (try Ojon Restorative Hair Treatment). don't forget to apply a generous amount of your favorite sunscreen because skin cancer is SO NOT HOT! if you're getting wet in the water or working up a sweat playing volleyball, make sure to reapply every 2 hours to get the best protection. throw on some sunglasses, grab your beach towel and have a blast! and remember to soak up a few rays for The Kitty! meow!

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