Friday, May 09, 2008

Express Yourself

hello readers! today i'm going to give you a few of the reviews i've been promising, starting off with Jergens Natural Glow Express (pictured above in Medium and Medium/Tan). this new product from the Jergens self tanner + moisturizer-in-one category promises to give you a deeper, darker tan in less time than their original Jergens Natural Glow. the package says...

  • now the Jergens brand gives you natural-looking summer color faster than ever before. only Jergens natural glow express moisturizer is formulated with our exclusive Glow Perfecting Complex. this proprietary blend of skin tone specific color enhancers and anti-oxidants is designed to give you natural-looking color in less time.

i never tried Jergens original Natural Glow because i heard and read the many horror stories about how it stunk so bad people actually had to take another shower after applying just to rid themselves of the stench! the first one of the self tanner + moisturizers i tried was Dove's Energy Glow which was nice in texture and moisturized well but turned me a deep jaundiced yellow color instead of the natural brown/tan that i was going for. i had very high hopes for this new Natural Glow Express because people had really loved the color they got from the original Jergens and when i smelled this lotion in the store it didn't stink at all. i hopped in the shower 3 nights ago and exfoliated thoroughly, dried off and applied, making sure i took extra time to massage the product in evenly. the texture is heavenly! it's very nice, not a bit sticky and absorbs quickly leaving your legs soft and moisturized. i went to sleep eagerly anticipating my soon-to-be bronzed legs! in the morning, however, i was not so enthused.

i woke up to very orangy legs and lots of spots and patches all over my feet! now i'm the first to admit i'm no expert at self tanning, until two years ago i was a bad kitty who laid out in the sun and even frequented tanning beds, but this was pretty splotchy for a product that promises to be user friendly since it's not straight self tanner. if the only problem had been my feet i would still give this a stellar review but there were definitely areas on my legs where the self tanner had tanned better than others as well. plus there's the color! not natural looking! not hardly! maybe i should have tried the version for Medium skintones instead of Medium/Tan seeing as how i am very pale to begin with, i don't know. i'd be willing to test out that version and write another review if the results were different. i figured since there was some uneveness after the first application i would do another that night to try to make it more uniform, but the next morning i just woke up to a darker orange 'glow'. very disappointing! also there is the factor that at $8 (give or take), the product is only 4 fl. oz. i can't see how it would last for very long if you were doing your whole body as i'm sure most people do. for me this was definitely a miss, but i do encourage you to test it out the next time you're at the drugstore, it could give you beautiful color, you never know. i would rate this a 4/10. hopefully when i get around to testing my Monne Express Self Tanning Liquid i'll have better results!

interested in Jergens Natural Glow Express? check it out here, or at your local drugstore.

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