Saturday, May 03, 2008

Naughty Nauticals

ahoy maties! happy weekend to all of my readers out there! today we'll be briefly discussing the newest MAC collection to hit the counters, Naughty Nauticals. i say briefly because from the pictures i've seen, it doesn't look like a collection that i'd be very interested in at all. but that doesn't mean all of you won't love it, so check it out here and order away! i will say that there have been past MAC collections that i wasn't very excited about from the pictures but when i ended up seeing the products in real life, i loved them. since MAC's online color swatches are waaaaay off, i would definitely recommend stopping at a counter and testing everything out before you decide it's not for you. anyways...

the attack of Tomato Face i had from Philosophy's HIAJ has subsided a great deal, thank GOD! i still have some redness and a lot of bumpiness but nothing like the first few days where i was afraid to go out in public! what really helped to calm my skin down was using nothing whatsoever on it except for some 1% Hydro-Cortisone Cream and washing very carefully once a day with Cetaphil. i really don't like using Cetaphil Face Wash on a regular basis because it doesn't remove makeup and my skin never feels really clean when it's rinsed off, but it does help to have it around for situations like this, as it's completely soothing and non-irritating.

coming soon will be reviews on Jergen's Natural Glow Express, Dr. Bronner's 18-in-1 Peppermint Pure Castille Soap, Monne Express Self Tanning Liquid, Jojoba Oil, Lip Fusion Color Shine Lipgloss, WEN Cleansing Conditioners and much, much more. stay tuned!


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Anonymous said...

can you post a picture of your makeup collection? I would really love to see you mac pro palette b/c I am in the middle of trying to assemble mines. Thanks!

The Kitty said...

hey anonymous- i will work on posting a picture of my collection, check back in and i'll try it get it up, but i don't have my MAC shadows in a pro palette yet, (well i have some of them in a small palette) cause for some reason i like to keep them in the pots they come in, but i won't be able to do that forever because they take up so much space! but i'll get some pics posted asap. thanks for reading!!!