Wednesday, May 21, 2008

the Mild side

hello long lost readers! are any of you still checking in after my 6 day absence?! i hope so! it's been ungodly hot here in Kitty Land and i've been insanely busy, but i'm back to report on my newest fixations!

when it comes to face washing, i'm part of the crowd who believes it's insane to spend huge amounts of money on a cleanser packed with antioxidants and peptides and other magic potions because it's only on your skin for a very short amount of time before you rinse it (and your hard-earned cash) down the drain. when you aren't a millionaire and you have to pick and choose what to splurge on, i'd much rather spend a lot on a moisturizer or serum that's going to have long-term contact with my skin. case in point, my favorite way to wash my face for a few years now has been using cleansing cloths. i see-saw back and forth between Dove, the generic Target brand, and Oil of Olay as my favorite brand, but these cloths are wonderful! they're not the pre-moistened ones that you might be thinking of, but the dry ones that are impregnated with soap so you just add a little water and then you have lather that washes, exfoliates, and supposedly tones your face. i don't know about the toning, but these cloths take every speck of my makeup off and always exfoliate my skin the perfect amount. i highly recommend these for the budget conscious person who wants the most from their cleanser.

anyways, back to my point, lately i had been getting restless from using the same cleanser for years and started looking around for something new...since i have been trying to be extra gentle with my face after my Philosophy Hope In A Jar ordeal, i wanted something mild...enter Clinique's Liquid Face Soap Mild, which i am in LOVE with! i first got my hands on a tiny, GWP size tube to try it out before buying a regular size, which i highly recommend you do also if interested. i'm sure a Clinique counter person would be happy to give you one for free and if not, try Ebay (as always!). this soap is clear, lathers nicely, rinses completely clean, doesn't dry out your skin or strip it but completely removes every trace of makeup, even mascara. also, it will hardly dent your wallet since you're getting 6.7 ounces for $14.50, which should last months and months since you only need a tiny bit for each washing. here's how i use it: i first splash some warm water on my face to moisten it, then take a little bit of the liquid soap and lather it up about halfway in my hands, then massage my face with it for a minute or so. i swear my skin has been looking better since i've been using it, and this doesn't surprise me because i used the Clinique 3-Step System in high school and had gorgeous skin!

now i've been using the Mild version of this soap in the hopes of babying my skin, but if Mild doesn't do it for you, it also comes in an Oily skin version and an Extra Mild version, also. i can't imagine needing the Extra Mild since the Mild is so wonderful, but everyone skin is different and some people have very sensitive faces! if you didn't already know, everything Clinique sells is fragrance-free and allergy tested, which i adore because i really do NOT need my makeup to have a fruity smell. i mean, i know tons of people adore fragranced products, but i definitely don't need anything perfumed on my face. agreed?

if you're interested in the Liquid Facial Soap, stop by your local Clinique counter or head to their website. and make sure you let me know which Clinique products you swear by, too!

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