Thursday, May 22, 2008

Tan Faker

happy Thursday readers! today i am going to be telling you about a fabulous bronzer i have discovered for faking the PERFECT sun-kissed glow, and the best brush to use with it. read on if you're ready to kick that ghostly pallor to the curb!

unfortunately for me, summer has arrived, and with summer comes the yearning for tanned skin. i especially crave the look of a tan because for my super pale self, nothing works better for hiding my dark circles, making me look healthy instead of anemic, and slimming down everything a pinch! it was extremely difficult, but 2 years ago i quit tanning for good and have stuck to it with amazing dedication. ever since i gave up the beds, i've been trying out self-tanners and bronzers and anything i could get my hands on to replicate a natural looking tan, and to tell you the truth, i haven't had that much luck. you know the trouble with bronzers, they're either too orange, too yellow, too muddy brown, too shimmery, too matte and dusty, etc etc etc. but this all changed when i tested out Benefit's HOOLA, $28! this bronzing powder is the most perfect natural tan color i have ever seen! i'm telling you, when i dusted this on my face, i was stunned by how completely genuine it looked! it made my skin look exactly the same way as a few hours in the sun would, not 'brown' per say but just warmed and so naturally tan looking! since it's completely matte, there are no tell-tale shimmers to give away the fact that you're wearing bronzer, and although i do love me some shimmer, i find this perfect because you can always add some sparkle if you'd like, or not if you want to look completely natural. i have to admit, i was hesitant to spend almost $30 on a bronzer, but it was well worth the cost. HOOLA comes in a cardboard box that is loaded with product, and the powder itself is super finely milled so you only need to tap your brush lightly onto it's surface to pick up enough bronzer to do your whole face. even if you used HOOLA everyday from now until September, you'd have boatloads left, and i'd say it will last me atleast a few years. so yes, $30 is a lot, but it will last and the quality is top of the heap!

now, when i first bought HOOLA, i tried using all the makeup brushes i had in my arsenal to get a perfect application and just couldn't manage to get it right (and as for the brush that comes with HOOLA? cute, but don't even think about actually using it, it won't work well enough for a precise application). even my trusty MAC 187 brush wasn't giving me the subtle wash of color i needed, so i went on a quest to find a brush that would get the job done. enter Posh's Purse Powder Brush, $16, which i have fallen head-over-heels in love with! if you've read my blog for a while now, you know i'm very faithful to MAC brushes, but this Posh brush is about 100 times softer and better than any MAC brush i've ever owned. i know, i know, i can hardly believe i'm saying it myself! the bristles are so thick and soooo soft, and the way they're cut and tapered is just phenomenal for dusting on and blending powders (and especially bronzer). using my Posh Purse Powder Brush, i was able to apply a very light layer of bronzer all over my whole face and then add a bit more to my cheeks, nose, and chin, blending it all together to create a seamless looking, natural, perfect tan! i know that Posh brushes aren't by any means inexpensive, but like i've said before, brushes are crucial to getting your best possible makeup application and are something that should be splurged on. i'm all for saving money where you can, but your tools are not a place to scrimp.

not only does this HOOLA + Posh Purse Powder brush combo work perfectly on your face, but i also successfully bronzed my neck, shoulders, and chest with it! i'm sure you could also do your legs, too, if you wanted. i give both these products my highest Pretty Kitty rating and hope you'll try them out, soon!

Posh Cosmetics brushes can be found at Fred Meyer grocery stores, Bed Bath 'N' Beyond, and their website. Benefit HOOLA can be found at Sephora and their website, as well.

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