Friday, April 18, 2008

Miracle Grow!

i thought since i got a shout-out from Pursebuzz (one of my all-time favorite beauty bloggers) thanking me for her new fabulously long lashes, it was only right that i post about our little secret. the product that is pictured above is hands-down one of my top three most valuable beauty possessions IN THE WHOLE WORLD! it's called Mavala Double Lash and ladies, it has changed my life! now i know i sound overly dramatic (which i definitely am!), but i have been lusting after long, thick, gorgeous eyelashes for as long as i can remember. unfortunately, i was born with lashes that are barely average, and that's being generous. they're totally transparently blonde, not very thick and hardly medium in length. nothing that would garner a second glance! so, as you can imagine, i have been trying every eyelash curler, primer and volumizing, lengthening mascara i could get my hands on since roughly the age of 12. little did i know that this miracle serum was floating around out there in the world for the very reasonable price of $20! (that's about what it comes to with S&H).

this little lifesaver comes from Mavala, a Swiss company that's been in business for forty years. i've never been able to find it at a store, but it can easily be ordered from various cosmetic e-stores online (i always order mine from Strawberry Net and it comes wrapped like an adorable birthday present!) for around $15-$20. it's packaged in a little glass jar with a mascara wand attached to the lid, and you apply it to clean lashes, just like mascara. the serum itself is a cloudy liquid that goes on clear and can be worn alone or under mascara, but i only apply mine at night before bed. within about 3 weeks of nightly use, your lashes are completely transformed! they're softer, stronger, shinier, and LONGER! i'm telling you, and this is NOT an exaggeration, my lashes grew CENTIMETERS within the first two months of using Double Lash! and if you think about it, adding centimeters to the length of your lashes is a very noticeable difference. this is definitely NOT a product where you'll be looking into the mirror going, "hmmm...i might notice a little something, but i'm not sure...?" there is a very apparent difference in the quality and length of your lashes after using this product. not only are your lashes longer and stronger, you may even get new lash growth that thickens your lashline! i noticed a few new lashes growing where i know i didn't have them before. and, you know how when you remove your mascara, wash your face, or rub your eyes, sometimes a lash will fall out? well when you're using Double Lash, that's a thing of the past.

now when i curl my lashes, they touch my eyebrow area, and that NEVER happened before! i'm proud to say that the picture on the left is my very own set of natural eyelashes, loud and proud (and enhanced by Too Faced Lash Injection!). and, i have been using Double Lash regularly for over a year now, and the effects have never tapered off or disappeared. the considerable length and healthiness i achieved during those first few months of use has stayed put. i also had a little bald spot on my eyebrow where i had gotten too tweezer-happy and applying the Double Lash there nightly has helped the little hairs grow back quickly and evenly. so you can use this on your lashes AND your eyebrows! not only that, but one little bottle will last you atleast six months, no joke. this stuff takes forever to use up, making it very cost-effective.

i don't want to give you unrealistic expectations, because Mavala Double Lash will not take your lashes from measly to ultra-lush and false looking, but it will definitely help you out on your way to a more glamorous fringe. i beg you to give this a try, you won't be disappointed, and you can come back here and thank me (like Pursebuzz did) for sharing this fabulous secret with you! now go on, order away!

(for anyone who cares, in the picture i'm wearing MAC Nocturnelle eye shadow on my lid and Bare Escentuals Cultured Pearl Glimmer below my bottom lashline)

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