Wednesday, May 28, 2008


that's all i have to say. there are no more words to describe my feelings on this "headdress". this is SJP at the London Premiere of SATC: The Movie, and i think her hair and makeup look phenomenal, but that piece of hideousness on her head...tsk tsk tsk. also, what was up with Kim Cattral's outfit this same night? she looked about 300 years old! i really, really do NOT like her hair pulled back tightly and that dress! oy vey! dios mia! she looks like Mrs. Claus or something! i also have to say, i saw Kim on Oprah (at left) recently when the girls were on to promote the movie, and she looks stunning for 51 years old- i mean clear skin, no wrinkles, just plain glowing, but from the clips i've seen of the movie, i don't think she looks good at all! i'm guessing it's the too-long hair, my favorite hair on Kim was in Season 3 and 4 when she had that really sharply cut, just-touching-the-shoulders length hair with pale blonde highlights. my all-time favorite moment for Samantha was in Season 4, episode 63 "Change Of A Dress" when she was at Richard's fundraiser and ended up having sex with that J.J. loser in the bathroom. she had really straight, sleek hair and was wearing the most fabulous black and white dress and she looked perfect!

as for Cynthia Nixon and Kristen Davis, i think they both got it right at the London premiere. Kristen looked adorable and as posh and tailored as always in her fitted red dress. i am loving her hair the way it's styled here, she wore it the same way on the episode of Oprah they were on and she also looked absolutely stunning! just as beautiful as ever, actually even more luminous than she did four years ago when the show ended. i love how she embraces her womanly shape, she has a very sexy, 1940's glamour girl thing going on and the way she dresses always accentuates it flawlessly. Cynthia Nixon looked very glam in her low-cut, black satin gown although i am not liking her hair lately, either. when she was on Oprah i swear she looked like she had driven for an hour in a convertible, stepped out of the car and then hairsprayed the whole mess into place! it was very strange! (check it out below) other than that, she was radiant and seemed incredibly happy about her relationship with the woman she has been linked to since the end of SATC. good for Cynthia! i'm excited to see what they wear to the NYC premiere, and in my opinion, shouldn't SATC: The Movie have premiered in NYC first?! i mean the show is all about NYC! just my opinion. the big day is coming tomorrow and i'm hoping to be able to make it to the theatre sometime in the early afternoon to see it, and don't you worry, i will definitely report back with a no-holds-barred review for all my fellow SATC lovers. and to those reading my blog who couldn't care less about SATC? i promise the obsessing is just about over and things will revert to normal, makeup-based information soon.

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