Friday, June 27, 2008

Wing It, Again

so one of my last posts was about me being fixated with colorful, dramatic winged eyeliner, and i have to say that since that post, i've discovered and tested out a few things that i wanted to add, so i'm doing a little sequel post here for anyone interested! anyways...

the Too Faced Liquif-Eye, $17.50, a felt-tipped liquid eyeliner-style tool that sits in a well of clear liquid turns any eye shadow you have into a sharp, waterproof, liquid-liner looking masterpiece! a few days after writing about it, i returned to Sephora to pick it up and it turned out to be well worth the money! i got the sharpest, clearest line and it was incredibly easy to use. i think it will pack the most punch when paired with dark, shimmery, metallic-looking shadows that are well pigmented and soft in texture. so far i've used it with the following eye shadows: MAC's Deep Truth, Contrast, Urban Decay's Last Call and Smoke and that was only in a few days! i am addicted to this little product, and if you love a liquid liner look but don't want to buy a bunch of different colors, this will be a great buy for you, too.

for those who don't want to commit to buying an eye shadow-to-eyeliner creating product until they've decided they'll really put it to good use, you can test the waters first with Visine Eye Drops! yes, i tested it out for a few days before buying the Liquif-Eye, and it works very well and much better than your standard water from the sink. i'm sure any other saline type eye drops will also work well, so if you're more of a Clear Eyes girl, no big deal. just dip your eyeliner brush lightly into a bit of the Visine and then stroke the surface of your eye shadow to pick up some color and draw away! for some reason the Visine helps the color to go on smoother, stay fresh longer, and look more vivid and metallic. it's definitely a good choice for experimenting, so try it out!

although i think that liquid liners give the best result for this type of look, you can also use pencils if that's what you're most comfortable with. i've found a really nice, soft yet precise and affordable pencil in Prestige's Soft Blend Kohl Eyeliner in Lagoon, $3 (around there, always under $5). Lagoon is a gorgeous, bright, vibrant teal color that stays put and makes a powerful pop above any eyelashes. Prestige also has amazing colors in their liquid liners (pictured at left); the purple, gold and green are my personal favorites! another good pick if you're looking for pretty colors in a pencil form are any of MAC's eyeliners. they have every color of the rainbow and the quality is phenomenal! i love Fluidlines for doing winged liner, but their pencils also make great, bright lines.

do you have any tips or tricks for doing bright winged liner? if so i'd love to hear them, i am obsessed at the moment!

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