Friday, June 06, 2008

Cheap Thrills: A Series Event!

today i was thinking about a recent post i did entitled "Cheap Thrills" where i wrote about two inexpensive drugstore mascaras that i adore, and decided to make "Cheap Thrills" an ongoing series where i can share the amazing products that i discover at even more amazing prices. i mean, who doesn't love finding something that works great for dirt cheap?! i even know that mega-rich celebs love a bargain because they constantly blab about it any chance they get, probably to make us feel like "Wow, they're people just like us!" in that whole US Magazine-esque way. so if you're a tightwad and you know it, clap your hands (and read on)!

last week when i was wandering around at the grocery store i came upon the Wet'n'Wild display, which seems to be getting more fancy and updated each time i see it. what i will never understand is why in God's name they're introducing all these new products but no longer stocking their very best product ever, All Over Shimmer 832D (the most amazing highlighter i've ever used, check out my feelings on it here). anyways, as i was looking over all the goodies i happened to notice their Kohl Brow-Eyeliner Pencil in Taupe 648, $.99, and what a perfect color it seemed to be to match my own dark blonde brows. the problem with having (nearly invisible) blonde brows of any shade is that to have them look fierce you need to fill them in, but most pencils or powders for blondes are usually too warm and too auburn looking against pale skin. even if the product is amazing, if it's too warm-toned then your brows are left screaming out "Look at me! i'm wearing brow pencil!" and that's never the look i'm going for. even a lot of high-end brow products (e.g. Benefit Brow Zings) are too warm in their lightest shade, so i certainly wasn't expecting Wet'n'Wild to get it so right, especially for the price of $.99! this pencil is a steal for under a dollar, and the color is so perfect i can't help but wonder why the high-end cosmetic companies can't take notice and get it right?!? the texture of the pencil is very soft, so it takes a light touch to get a natural look, but filling in my brows with it couldn't have been easier. i just penciled in my thin sections and then brushed through my brows with a browbrush to blend, and voila! perfectly defined yet still natural looking brows. and it's lasted all day, as well! now i'm not certain that this pencil would last through hot, humid, grueling long days but at this price, having to touch up is not a problem. this pencil would suit any girls from the lightest blonde end of the spectrum to medium brown, grey, and auburn (my current color). pick one up and try it out today, what have you got to lose except the spare change jingling around at the bottom of your purse?

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