Friday, June 27, 2008


my newest lip obsession of the moment is Chanel's Glossimer in Sirop. it turns out that i'm probably the last person alive in the free world to not have known about the magic of this lip gloss! it is revered for it's ability to flatter anyone's skin color and how versatile it is with different types of looks. it is unlike any other color i've ever come across, and i've gazed upon many, many glosses!

i think the thing that is making me so crazy over this particular lip gloss is the fact that i am very much not a 'pink girl'. i don't like pink lipstick, pink lipgloss, or pink blush. since i'm very fair with pink and yellow undertones, i feel like i look like a creepy babydoll when i try to wear pinks. not so with Sirop, which is like a light coral/pink color that's almost fluorescent but very sheer and juicy looking. that's about the best i can describe it, you'll have to experience it for yourselves. this color just lights up my face and brings some oomph and volume to any makeup look i'm doing (particularly working well with my crazy electric winged liner days of late). i am so excited about it, i'm actually thinking about springing for a full-sized tube, at the OUTRAGEOUSLY expensive price of $27! right now i'm babying the small sample-sized tube i have, and counting my precious pennies.

what's your favorite i-would-spend-$400-on-it-if-i-had-to gloss? have you ever tried Sirop, and if so, do you love it like i do?


Kara said...

Man, now I really want to try it and will probably want to buy it. I love pink with coral/gold. I don't care how much it is, I cannot live without NARS Orgasm gloss. And, let's see, I paid quite a bit in France for a Clarins gloss...I think the color is "sunny." It is a bit bronzy, lots of gold flecks.

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