Saturday, June 14, 2008

Almost Perfects

happy weekend readers! today i'm going to start by reviewing Fresh's Supernova Mascara, $25. we all know that i'm a certifiable mascara FIEND, and i'd like to start reviewing each and every mascara that i buy/try so that you can always come to The Pretty Kitty and do a search if you're looking for an opinion on a particular mascara! i like to attempt to try almost every mascara known to man, so keep your eyes peeled for many mascara reviews, and please add your own opinions in the comments section if you've tried the mascara i've posted about, too! now onto the goods...

life is full of things that are almost perfect, but not quite there...the jeans that would be heaven-sent if they were just a half a size bigger, the boots that would be killer if the heel were just a touch higher, the delicious ice cream that you could gorge on if only it were sugar/fat/calorie free...and you use and accept them because their good qualities win out over their bad, right? i call these the Almost Perfects, and there are a lot of makeup products that fit into this category. read on for two prime examples!

if you're looking for a nice, dark black, day-to-night formula, Fresh's Supernova Mascara is almost too good to be true. if you can afford to spend over twenty dollars on a tube of mascara, this is a good way to go. the formula is very sooty matte black and dramatic without being clump-heavy. i find that if applied with a light hand (a must in all mascara application to avoid clumps, spider lashes, and withering curl) this mascara holds a curl fairly well and and keeps lashes defined and feathery without being too thick or spidery. it also lengthens fairly well, and the overall results are beautiful! the formula contains panthenol, protective linden extract, and nourishing meadowfoam oil to condition and strengthen your lashes so they stay as long and thick as possible. the downfall? i find that this mascara tends to flake quite a bit as the day goes on. now, this is something i probably wouldn't mind so much if i didn't take a considerable amount of time to perfectly conceal my dark circles, but since i do, i can't be wiping at my undereye area and disturbing my concealer throughout the day! all mascaras flake a teensy, tiny bit, and i can handle that, but these flakes are a few too many for a mascara that'll cost you $25. because of the flake-age, Supernova gets an 8/10 from me, and is firmly filed under Almost Perfect.

next up is Maybelline's Define-A-Brow Eye Brow Pencil, $6.50 (at Walgreen's website). this slender green pencil caught my eye because it looked a lot like the Prescriptives Groom Stick for Brows, $18.50, that i had been thinking about buying recently, but at a fraction of the price! much like Prescriptives Groom Stick, the Maybelline Define-a-Brow pencil is very, very thin which allows for a more precise application to the brows. the thinner the pencil, the more easily you can apply to just the area you want to fill in, and the more natural the results. the color i chose, Light Blonde, would be perfect for anyone with hair ranging from platinum blonde to light brown to grey to auburn (my current shade). i think the name is a bit misleading because the color of the pencil is definitely not too light, it's the perfect shade of taupe to flatter a variety of brow colors-- not too warm but not too cool either, it seems to be a perfect match! i really like the mechanical aspect of the pencil, because sharpening is a giant pain in the arse and very messy, too. the pencil is easily blended, waterproof, stays on all day, and looks very natural. the downfall? the texture of the pencil is so soft that you have to stop several times while doing each brow to turn the dial and produce more product! not so terrible, but since the pencil is so soft, it will be used up very quickly, probably in less than a month! for $6.50 and only .05 grams, this is actually not such a great deal if you need to buy a new pencil each month. also, the dinky plastic comb on the end of the pencil is virtually useless! it doesn't blend the product into your brows whatsoever, so you have to lug a separate brow brush around in your makeup bag for application. close, but no cigar. the Wet'n'Wild Kohl Brow-Eyeliner Pencil in Taupe 648 that i reviewed here performs just as well for a lot more product at a fraction of the cost, and i would definitely buy it again before i'd repurchase the Define-A-Brow pencil.

are there any products that you consider Almost Perfects? if you find a makeup item that you adore but it has a fault, do you keep using it or continue your search for the perfect one? let me know in the comments!

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