Sunday, June 01, 2008

Pop Tarte

i think everyone who reads my blog knows i'm helplessly addicted to QVC, right? i mean i TiVo every single show that has anything beauty-related on and watch them numerous times! (more on my QVC obsession here) well Maureen Kelly, creater of Tarte Cosmetics, is a regular fixture on the Q and i always enjoy watching her presentations because A. she's gorgeous and always has the most perfect dark manicures and fabulous long red hair and B. she's sweet and very 'every woman' and C. i always want to buy her products! the only times i've dabbled in Tarte makeup were when i bought their Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara (which i felt was very mediocre) and a single eyeshadow pan (color: Luuucy I'm Home, a very beautiful shimmery grey which i would highly rec!), but lately i've been getting lulled into wanting to try out one of their famous cheek stains, $28.

the cheek stains are what Tarte is best known for, and they've won several Allure Best Of Beauty awards and many other awards from other beauty mags, too. what's different about them is that they're a water-based gel cheek color, and they're oil-free and alcohol-free, and contain super fruits which are very beneficial for your skin. since they're not a dry dusty powder or a greasy cream, they are undetectable on your skin and you actually look like your glow is coming from within. they were the first of their kind, and people went craaaazy for them, but i've never tried one, so i'm wondering if you all could tell me what you think about them if you've tried them before. they're available in nine shades at Sephora and i think i'm leaning towards Sunkissed and Tipsy...

anyways, the other Tarte product that i'm craving is their EmphasEYES High Definition Eye Pencil, $18. lately i've been rocking the black-liner-on-the-inner-rims look, and this is exactly what EmphasEYES (it's so annoying to write it that way each time!) was created for, being that it's super thin with no sharp wood surrounding it's tip and it's formula
includes palm oil for a smooth glide and silicon for long-wear that your eye's natural moisture won't wash away. i think it's a little bit gimmicky but as of right now i don't own a pencil that will stay put on my waterline and using my MAC Blacktrack Fluidline is too much fuss; a pencil is just so much more convenient (and i'm lazy). it comes in four colors, black, brown, green, and plum, and only QVC has it in navy.

so what's the verdict, readers? have you tried either one of these products? if so, please let me know what you think of them! and also, if you have a favorite black eyeliner that stays put on the waterline, i'd love to hear about it!

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