Monday, April 28, 2008

you know you love me...

confession time: i am utterly OBSESSED with the show Gossip Girl! although i'm well past my own angst-ridden teenage years, i find it very fun to voyeuristically revisit them via Blair and Serena. a few years ago one of my friends started reading and loving the books that Gossip Girl (the show) is based on and forced me to read a few myself, and while they were ok for a junk food-esque read (you know, completely devoid of any kind of real knowledge or substance), i didn't like them 1/10th as much as the show. i was immediately hooked after watching the first episode and felt that the hole in my heart left by the O.C.'s departure had finally been filled! i would probably even watch the show on mute if i had to, just to see the clothes and makeup that Blair and Serena sport. so as you can imagine, i am ridiculously excited that the second season started last week, and i just watched the first episode of it last night (i had TiVo'ed it), and it was good!

but...(there's always a 'but') here is where i have to go off on a tangent, and i know i'll probably feel the heat for this one, but i absolutely DESPISE Jenny Humphrey! i find her character to be so annoying and such a wannabe and i don't think she's cute or that it's understandable that she's so obsessed with getting into the 'in' crowd. i knew girls like this in high school and i never understood them either, why would you want to pretend to be someone else just to fit in? why stress about looking or seeming a certain way (RICH and spoiled in this case) to fit in with a bunch of stuck-up snobs? just be yourself, dammit! anyways, i really hate how Jenny's trying to replace Blair because even though Blair is a psycho bitch, i like her, and she is the one who belongs wielding the evil, Queen Bee-type power over her flock of moronic rich girls. and, in my opinion, it's so apparent that Jenny and Nate are going to get together, and that really makes me ill, because then Jenny will think she's even more of a Queen Bee. and it's not that i want Blair and Nate to get back together because i think he's totally wrong for her, she needs someone just as evil and manipulative as she is to keep up with her (Chuck, anyone?).

anyways...back to the point of this post, i am very excited about the arrival of Serena's bad girl friend from the past, Georgina, (played by Michelle Trachtenberg) and i was just looking at some pictures from the show and was wowed by her gorgeous smoky eye makeup and flawless skin! check her out! this is the kind of smoky eye i constantly covet and can never seem to pull off without looking like Rocky Balboa.

want to copy this gorgeous look? try a dark, shimmery brown eye shadow like MAC's Mulch on the outer third of your lid, in your 'V' and crease, and under your lower lashline. next, use a gold shadow like Stila's Oasis to highlight your inner eyelid and brow bone. to define your eyes, try a soft smudgable eyeliner like MAC's Eye Kohl in Smolder to line your upper and lower lids and waterline, making sure to smudge to get a soft, imperfect look. to make lashes stand out against a strong eye, use a lengthening, volumizing mascara like Too Faced Lash Injection (my favorite high drama mascara) and keep lips pale with a shiny, baby pink gloss like MAC's Oyster Girl Lipglass. with a face this glam, you'll be a girl who's gossiped about yourself!

and now, just for fun, check out these before and after pics of Blake Lively (aka Serena Van Der Woodsen) and her 'alleged' nosejob!

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