Sunday, April 20, 2008

Tool Time!

hello all and happy weekend to you! today i am going to focus on what i consider the most important part of all beautifying regimens, and that's the tools! no matter how amazing your collection of makeup is, if you don't have the right tools to apply it, you might as well not even waste your time. i mean, look at any professional makeup artist (what i'm always aspiring to be in my own bathroom, wink wink), they carry a whole arsenal of different brushes, sponges, applicators and blending tools. to get your makeup picture perfect, you need the tools that make the most of what you're working with. now i know that not all of us (including myself) have the money to go out and buy every single brush that a line carries, so to be frugal and still get exactly what you'll need, i've composed a list of what i think are the most important tools that every girl (or guy!) needs to own. most of my top picks happen to come from MAC, because i think that MAC has the absolute best brushes in the business, but i'm going to suggest other, less expensive brands for those who can't afford department store prices. so read on, and enjoy!

1. i guess the first brush everyone probably buys, or thinks to buy, is a big fluffy powder brush. i know it was my first brush! it's a great buy and very multi-purpose, not only is it great for dusting on a light layer of powder to set your makeup, but you can also use it for blush, bronzer, shimmer products, and/or to blend. my pick for a powder brush is MAC's 129 brush, $34. i know that's kind of expensive, but i believe that tools are one thing you should buy quality because you'll have them for a long time and they'll work hard for you if you take care of them. the 129 is fluffy, soft, and perfect for powder and bronzer. too expensive for you at the moment? try Sonia Kashuk's Powder Brush 01, $11.99 (available only at Target). it's also nice, soft, doesn't shed too bad and lasts for quite a long time. i use this one still!

2. next, your second most essential brush is a multi-purpose eye shadow brush. if you're crafty, you can get by for quite a while doing simple eye looks with a brush like this. it can do a wash of color on your lid, define your crease, highlight your brow and blend, blend, blend! my favorite pick is MAC's 275 brush, $24.50. it is a blending MASTER! i'm telling you what, i've never met a harsh line i couldn't smooth away with this brush. it's nice and soft, fluffy enough, and angled perfectly to fit into your crease. it's really a can't miss creation! $25 for one brush more than you're willing to spend? try Sonia Kashuk's Small Eye Shadow Brush 09, $4.99. this was the ONLY eye shadow brush i used for years and it served me very, very well! it's the perfect size for doing ANYTHING, lid, crease, brow highlight, even under your bottom lashline! it's a truly genius find for it's price.

3. up next for your perfect face? a foundation brush. now here's where the crowd splits: if you use a liquid formulation, you'll want a synthetic bristle brush that doesn't soak up your foundation. if you're more of a mineral powder girl, you'll want a natural bristled brush. since i've been both kinds of girl, i have two suggestions.

for liquid lovers, the MAC 190 Brush, $32 is where it's at! this powerhouse seems to do what no other foundation brush does, it spreads your foundation over your face evenly without leaving brush strokes! it was love at first swipe for myself, and you should all be appreciating it, too! feeling kinda tightwad today? try Ulta's Foundation brush, on sale right now for $13.50! this one is also worth your hard-earned cash.

for mineral mammas (that was so silly i just laughed out loud!), my pick of the litter is Bare Escentuals Heavenly Face Brush, $30. now i would do anything to avoid paying $30 for a brush if i didn't have to, so you can get a much better deal on this brush buying from a reputable Ebay seller or waiting until it's included in a kit on QVC. either way, this brush is unparalleled in it's application of mineral makeup. i am telling you, i had completely given up on minerals until i bought this brush, that's how much i love it! the flat top design and ulta soft, plush bristles buff your minerals into a perfectly even layer that never looks cakey or gross. it doesn't shed and retains it shape after washing, too. also getting an honorable mention in the mineral makeup field? Bare Escentuals Handy Buki Brush, $20. this brush is also completely fabulous and gets a lot of use in my bathroom! for cheapie seekers? try Essence of Beauty's Kabuki Brush Face, $9.99 at CVS stores or on their website. i've never personally tried this one, but it gets RAVES on Make Up Alley.

think that's all you need? think again my pretties! stay tuned for part two of Tool Time tomorrow, and have a wonderful rest of your weekend! meow!

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