Saturday, April 05, 2008

paint it black

i am a mascara maniac, self proclaimed and self indulging! i've always loved long, thick, sexy lashes but in the last 2 years i've become abnormally obsessed with the quest for lash perfection. i thought i had finally found my Holy Grail with Dior Maximeyes mascara until, alas, it was discontinued and torn from my possession after only owning it twice. since then, there have been many mascara failures, 'meh' moments, and hopefuls, but until this Japanese gem came along i haven't even considered buying anything twice.

Imju Fiberwig mascara is the REAL DEAL when it comes to imitating the look of falsies. the company explains that "Fiberwig is made up of two types of extra thin nylon fibers; a short and a long fiber. The short and long fibers intertwine to form a light and smooth film coating that gently surrounds and seals unto your lashes. As the fibers seal unto your lashes, they seal unto each other. As a result the extended fiber lashes give your natural lashes the appearance of extreme length!" and honey, they aren't kidding.

this mascara delivers length like i've never seen before! you apply from roots to tip (but i HIGHLY advise against wiggling, more on that later) and then continue applying to just your lash tips until they are extended to your liking. my scrawny lashes touch my brows when i am wearing this mascara! not only that, but it is AMAZING at holding a curl! your curl will NOT budge with this mascara! volume-wise, Fiberwig won't give you a ton of thickening, but coming from a girl who once sought out the most volumizing mascara she could find, you won't miss it. it definitely thickens some, and the finished result is purely perfection! and, since it's one of the tube mascaras (similar to Blinc's Kiss Me mascara, the first of the 'tube' variety), it's waterproof and smudge-proof without requiring a heavy duty eye makeup remover. when you're ready to remove, all you do is wet your lashes with some warm water and gently wiggle the tubes off. the Fiberwig lash tubes absorb the water and swell, making them easy to slide right off.

if you're a mascara freak like myself or are just looking for a reliable, non-smudging and lash lengthening mascara, give Fiberwig a try. you can find it at Sephora,, and Japan (for much cheaper i've heard!) if you're lucky enough to visit. the price is a kind of steep $22, but it's so worth it.


Fabulista said...

Hey K! I LOVE fiberwig. Great post :)

eikcaj said...

I've wanted to try this out since FOREVER but I haven't really forced myself to buy it just yet... especially since I don't go to Sephora that often. But have you tried Magic Lash?

The Kitty said...

hi eikaj! i had also wanted to try it for months and months and i am SO glad that i did, i have chronic ADD when it comes to mascara so i almost NEVER buy the same one twice but i know i will buy Fiberwig many, many times. i have never tried Magic Lash, but i just googled it and it looks really cool! have you tried it and if so, do you like it? i just saw this new Make-Up Forever Lash Fiber stuff and i'm dying to test it out, i'm going to do a post on it soon so check back in! and thanks for the comment!!!

taniaf said...

hi k,
I have been looking for a mascara
to make my droopy straight eyelashes stand up and it looks like you might have found it for me. I will be getting this from Sephora soon. Thanks for doing all the work for me and also for the downright marvelous job of
keeping all of us makeup lovers
informed :)

The Kitty said...

hi Tania! do you know how i respond to that kind of flattery? by making you my ALL TIME FAVORITE READER EVER!!! :D but seriously, this would be PERFECT for keeping your lashes curled, but make sure you curl them really tightly with your eyelash curler (i actually heat mine up with my blowdryer so it's warm when i use it) and then apply the Fiberwig and those lashes will be sky-high all day. promise! make sure you come back and let me know how it's working out for you, and thanks so much for the sweet comment, it really made my day!

Anonymous said...

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