Friday, April 18, 2008

Fiber Fixation

so check it out everyone, this is my newest lemming! i first spied the tube of Make Up Forever Lash Fibers in my latest Sephora catalog, and i am SO all over this one! the catalog says...

"apply a coat of this genius base pre-mascara. made of nylon fibers for massive density and mile-high length, plus nourishing rice wax, it's a must for moms serious about their wink..."

(remember if you got the catalog, it was all about mother's day). this is right up my alley, and i am dying to get my arse to a Sephora and test it out! what i'm wondering is if it's loose, dry fibers or if it's more like a regular liquidy mascara base? i'm hoping on it being the latter because i've heard nothing but misery regarding the dry fibers, supposedly they fly around and just cause a general mess. now here's where i need some feedback from you guys: how does MUFE do lash products? i know they make killer false lashes but i've never tried out their mascaras and i'm kinda hesitant to fork over $20 + S&H by ordering it online without ever trying it (for some reason, even though i live in a totally urban city, the nearest Sephora is 30 mins. away in a suburb, grrrrrrr!). if any of you have tried MUFE lash products, let me know how you feel about them in the comments.

MUFE Lash Fibers is available only at Sephora so if you're interested, check online or visit your nearest store.


Purse Buzzin n' More said...

I saw this at Sephora a while back. From what I remember it is like a regular primer with loose fibers. Keep me posted on what you find out :)

The Kitty said...

oh you know i will buzzy :P