Friday, April 25, 2008


thank god it's Friday readers! today i've got the scoop on a few products i've mentioned previously in my blog, starting off with MAC's new Mineralize SPF 15 Loose Foundation (check it out here). i finally got to a MAC counter Wednesday night to test this out and i'm very excited about my first impression! now we all know that sampling a product at the makeup counter is a lot different from actually using it at your convenience in your own bathroom, but usually you can get a fairly good idea of how the product will work for you. the foundation comes in 9 shades and i was matched to Light which seemed to work pretty well on my NC20 skin. the problem i'm anticipating with the shades is that someone with skin lighter than mine may have a hard time finding a good match because Light is the palest shade they have and it's not that light. the powder seemed to apply really smoothly considering i already had my Maybelline Mineral liquid foundation on, and for the first time since i started using mineral makeup i could see that 'soft focus glow' that Leslie Blodgett is always raving about with Bare Escentuals. however, i've never achieved that kind of glow until i tried MAC's mineral makeup. i couldn't get a great idea of the coverage since i already had makeup on but it did seem to mask the redness i had on my cheeks and didn't look cakey, powdery or pore-magnifying at all, a problem i've had with Bare Escentuals that really bothers me being that i have very small pores. i figure if something makes my pores look big it would be hellish for someone who had bigger pores already! what i really didn't like about the Mineralize Loose Foundation was the packaging; i can't see myself using that sponge to apply the powder as i far prefer a brush and even if i did like the sponge, i feel like it would get very dirty and bacteria-filled. i don't think washing it would be easy since it's attached to the plastic lid of the packaging. it also seems like it would be very messy to apply if you chose to use the sponge. don't get me wrong, this wouldn't stop me from purchasing, but i would probably transfer the powder to another jar and apply it the regular way (swirl, tap, buff my dears). value-wise the MAC mineral makeup costs $4 more than the same amount of Bare Escentuals, but i wouldn't mind spending the extra few dollars to get a product i liked much better. i will probably purchase this when i have a chance (and some cash!) and report back further on how it's working out for me.

i also finally got my very own pot of Erase Paste! yay! i'm still very excited about this product and loving it, so if things change i'll be sure to fill you in.

when i was stalking the MAC counter i happened to take another look at the Heatherette Collection and ended up falling in LOVE with the Bonus Beat lipglass! this annoyed me greatly because i feel so relieved when nothing from a collection appeals to me since that lets me save some money! i had also tried this particular lipglass on before and felt very 'meh' towards it, but now i'm thinking that's because i tried it on over the Fleshpot (aka hideous corpse-like concealer-looking) lipstick. anyways, it's a gorgeous golden-beige gloss that gives you the most perfect summer nude lip ever! i am obSESSED with nude lips as i'm sure you'll learn from future posts and this one is going to be the most gorgeous summery looking lip to go with a (faux) tan.

another item that shoved it's way onto my To Buy list was Shiseido's eyelash curler. i know, i know, it's all about the Shu lash curler says everyone i know and every magazine i read, but i'm telling you i had absolutely NO luck with the Shu at all! it didn't fit my eye correctly and so i couldn't grab my lashes at the root and it was a big disappointment after i'd dreamed about how great it would be for years. i've been using a Japonesque curler for quite a while now (and i do like it a lot) but since i'm always looking for the next best thing, i decided to try the Shiseido and it was fab! i really loved it and it even curled the very outer lashes on my top lids which i usually have a problem getting curled in one shot.

so that's what i've been up to, what new beauty discoveries have you made this week? have you tried out MAC's new Mineralize Loose Foundation and if so, do you love it or hate it? i'd love to hear what you think so don't be shy!

by the way, the photo above of the MAC Bonus Beat lipglass was borrowed from Ebay since i couldn't find another picture of it anywhere!


erica said...

I really enjoy your blog....
Why do you dislike Fleshpot so much? I use the color, but what do you recommend for a nude shade if not Fleshpot?


The Kitty said...

hi erica! i really loathed Fleshpot so much because of the way it looked on my lips- straight up CONCEALER MOUTH! i'm sure it looks lovely on some people, but this lipstick is definitely not a crowd pleaser, and i think it'd be hard for the average person to pull it off. anyways, the newest nude lipstick that i am in LOVE with is Estee Lauder's Pure Color Lipstick in Vanilla Truffle! it is PERFECTION! definitely check it out, it's going to be my everyday summer lip :D thanks for reading!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you hun!! I will go check it out a.s.a.p!! You are now a bookmark for me!