Tuesday, April 29, 2008

bright eyes

i was watching QVC the other day (shocking!) when i came upon this new product from Mally Roncal's line called Mally Beauty Liquid Light Eye Brightener. i thought i would share this with you, my beloved readers, because i find it's delivery system very interesting! it's basically a concealer-type product that you can use under your eyes, on your brow bones or cheekbones, and/or on your nasal-labio folds to brighten things up. what's fascinating to me about this product is that it starts off as a powder that you shake into the palm of your hand but then when you use your finger to swirl it around, the warmth of your skin changes into a liquid! Mally said she wanted a product with the finish of a powder but the application of a liquid and thus the Liquid Light Eye Brightener was born. after you apply the creamy brightener to your face, it dries and changes back into a powder finish on your skin. neat, huh? not only was the gimmick of it unusual, but the demo's on the models showed that the product actually does work well to brighten things up. want to wake up those tired eyes? the Liquid Light Eye Brightener, available in two shades, is only available through QVC so click on over there and check it out! there's even a video to watch if you want to see the shape-shifting brightener in action! and Mally is so cute and funny, i'd watch her do just about anything. i love it when she refers to herself as a drag queen! girl loves her makeup and her big hair, and there's nothing wrong with that!

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