Thursday, July 31, 2008


can someone PLEASE tell me what in the f**k is going on with Katie Holmes these days?! girlfriend went from an adorable, super stylish and age appropriate young mom to a 75 year old crazy lady circa 1986! i don't care if she's shooting a movie or not, i wouldn't look like this in public (or private!) for 10 million dollars a DAY! how can you go from looking like this (right) to that scary 80's Mary Kay grandma up above? she needs to straighten out that HIDEOUS hairdo, wash off all that theatre makeup and start from scratch. has anyone else been wondering what's up with her lately besides me?


Shannon said...


I have been wondering the same thing. Weird.

Love, Love, Love your blog!

Keep up the great work

The Kitty said...

thanks so much for the comment! i thought i was the only one who noticed that Katie Holmes is slowly turning into Debbie Reynolds! LOL!