Thursday, July 03, 2008

Cheap Thrills

lately i have been extremely interested in body washes, scrubs, and other shower goodies which is odd because i've been a strictly Dove soap girl forever! it was the Dr. Bronner's Peppermint Castille Soap that i bought a while ago that sparked this latest fixation and ever since then i've been sniffing around for other interesting bathing products. this little gem pictured above is from a line available at Target called Soap and Glory. it was actually created by Marcia Kilgore, the genius behind Bliss products, but Soap and Glory comes at a more affordable price for those of us who can't pass up a good!!!

the Clean On Me Creamy Clarifying Shower Gel, $9.99, is a fantastic bargain at under ten dollars for a whopping 16.2 fluid ounces! the 'gel' itself isn't actually a gel at all; it's more of a rich, moisturizing shower cream that foams up to produce satisfyingly fluffy lather! it cleanses your skin thoroughly without stripping it and leaves it fairly hydrated once you've dried off, even without using an additional moisturizer post shower (quite a feat for my very dry skin!). to my nose it smells pretty but some reviews i've read said that it's floral fragrance can compete with your perfume, so sniff before you buy if you're sensitive to that kind of thing. the 2 ounce travel size bottle i bought was only $3 so if you're not sure, pick up that size and test it out. i'm definitely planning on buying the regular size! not that it really matters, but even their packaging is adorable in a retro, 50's housewife, Benefit sort of way! it would definitely look adorable sitting in your bathroom. besides the shower gel, i'd also like to try some of Soap and Glory's other products, like their Righteous Butter Body Lotion, $9.99. even better yet? pick up the Scrub Triangle Mini Gift Set, $9.99, to get mini bottles of the shower gel, body butter and their body scrub! it would make a great gift for any of your girlfriends...or if you're me, for yourself! ;D

the next time you're at Target, stop by the cosmetics department and check out their whole line of products, which includes a much applauded lip plumper called Sexy Motherpucker! yes readers, shocking 'sex' marketing sells, much to the dismay of little old ladies at Target's nationwide! meow!


Darth said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this line of products from Target. I have the lotion, butter, shower gel, Oil spray, and hand cream. P.S. If you love the scent Miss Dior Cherie is a great match!

The Kitty said...

hi darth! i am now majorly lemming both the Righteous Body Butter *and* the Righteous Body Butter Lite (this one comes in a pump rather than the regular tub)! i am obsessed with their Clean on Me body wash, it's just so luxurious and moisturizing! why don't more people adore this line? i never hear anyone talk about it! oh well, atleast we'll always have plenty of stock to choose from! :P