Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Shine On (A VERY Cheap Thrill)

you know how there's some days when you've done your whole hair routine and you're getting ready to walk out the door but your hair just looks bleh? it might be kinda fuzzy or poufy, or the ends are looking parched, or it could just be lacking sleekness and shine. well my dear readers, i have the perfect inexpensive product to solve all these hair dilemmas. L'oreal Studio Line Shine Seeker Glass Shine Spray, $3.99 (at Ulta), is the perfect final touch to hair that's not quite behaving. it's your typical silicone-based shine spray, but what's different about Shine Seeker is the fact that it's super light weight and doesn't weigh down your hair in the least bit. a lot of shine sprays can give you that greasy, heavy-feeling hair that looks like it hasn't been washed for days and leaves you with comb tracks after brushing. gross! not the look i'm ever going for. Shine Seeker just gives weightless gloss, smooths flyaways and gives a sleek look to fried ends that are in desperate need of a trim (i should know, it's been almost 6 months since my last cut! don't worry, i have an appointment on Saturday). just to be extra careful that i don't overload on any particular section of hair, i spray two spritzes in my palm, rub my hands together, and then smooth my hands over my locks, starting around my ears and going down, concentrating the bulk of the product on the last 2 inches of my hair. it always gives my hair a little sleekness, and you just can't beat the price! i've had the bottle i'm using now for atleast 3 months and haven't even put a dent in it. you could always use a high-end shine product and spend 6 times more, but why do that when L'oreal's is holy grail material? this is a definite must-have for any beauty queen, whether you're a straight girl or a curly girl (when my hair was long and i air-dryed it loose and wavy, this gave me great shine, which can be hard to get on curly hair). an easily awarded 10/10 from this Kitty!

L'oreal Studio Shine Seeker Shine Spray can be purchased at most grocery stores, Target-type stores, and Ulta, where i've found it's the cheapest. enjoy!


Kara said...

Ooooh, can't wait to try this out. I may post a link from my blog because I know lots of girls struggling with the frizzies.

The Kitty said...

go for it! i'd be honored :D