Friday, August 01, 2008

Sashay, Tarjay!

happy August everyone! today marks the beginning of the hottest month of summer, which i hate, but also marks the unofficial last month of summer, which i love! just seeing those big, fat, juicy September issues of all my favorite fashion mags on the newsstands makes my heart pound! i love the Fall and can't wait for cool weather, sweaters, boots and blankets again!

but anyways...since there are still a few months of warm weather before us, i wanted to alert you all to my latest adorable fashion finds from Target. i freaking LOVE Target and think it's the best thing since TiVo! Target has adorable affordable clothes and shoes, a fabulous beauty section, great things for your house and kitchen and food to boot! what more could a bargain-savvy girl ask for?! the only thing that could make me love Target more would be if they had an in-store Sephora or they gave me an unlimited free gift card.

first there's this adorable striped dress for $15 which looks about a thousand times cuter in real life than it does in this picture! i'm not really a dress person per say because i feel that my legs aren't exactly up to supermodel standards but even i can rock this casual dress. it's easy to wear, not too short, looks cute with flats or plain old flip flops and the pockets don't accentuate your hips. i love it so much i got it in this color and green, too!

next is this tiered dress, $15 also, which looks a little 5th grader-ish in the picture but is adorable and not too elementary school in real life. i think this dress is really versatile because you could wear it just the way it is with flip flops or heels when it's warm out and then when it cools down, you could add a cardigan, a cute scarf, tights and/or knee boots and it would still look great! you could keep it super casual or dress it up (somewhat) for a date or a night out with the girls. i also got this one in 2 colors, grey and turquoise (hey, i know it's not super adventurous to get several of the same dresses in different colors but i got a little overexcited that i had finally found dresses i liked myself in!)

next is this really, really cute green tunic-style shirt, $9.99 (which also looks not-so-cute-at-all in the picture; what's up with these pictures?!) that i almost didn't try on because i find a lot of shirts with elastic under the boobs very unflattering even on 90 lb models, but i'm glad i did because it's really nice! it comes in several different colors and is a really easy throw-it-on-in-2 -seconds-and-still- look-decent kind of shirt. love!

last of all there is this simple but interesting tank top, $9.99, that comes in several different colors of which i picked white and grey. it has ruching along the neckline, sleeves and hem that just adds a little something to an otherwise standard wardrobe staple. the white one looks especially adorable with a long gold chain necklace, my super dark skinny jeans cuffed at the ankle and bright red strappy stilettos! classic with a twist, and perfect for a hot summer night when you want to be comfortable but still look your most adorable.

these are just a few of the treasures to be found at Target. it should be your first stop if you're looking for camisoles or spaghetti strap tanks to go under things, flip flops in every color of the rainbow or some cute new pajama pants. what i love most is to see the type of woman who's not so hung up on status and labels that she can mix a ten dollar shirt from Target with a $175 pair of jeans, $2 earrings from Forever 21 and a $300 handbag and end up looking a thousand times more unique and fabulous than the fashion victim in head-to-toe designer clothes! this is my fashion inspiration.

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Kara said...

I agree. Target has such cute clothes! But, they never seem to fit me quite right. It's really very sad because I envy everyone who can shop there. Occasionally, I can come away with a well-fitting tank...but that's about it.

Enjoy your dresses!!