Monday, August 11, 2008

It's the PITS!

does everyone see the picture of the innocent-looking deodorant to their right? take a good long look at it so that you never make the mistake of purchasing this nightmare! it's seldom that i hate a product so much that i want to warn people about it, but this Almay deodorant has left me feeling desperate to prevent anyone from wasting their money on it the way i did! buyers beware!

Almay Clear Gel Fragrance-Free Antiperspirant & Deodorant, $3.09, looked perfect for me when i spotted it at the drugstore a few weeks ago. not only is it fragrance-free (which i prefer), but it's also hypo-allergenic and seemed to be a gentle formula that wouldn't cause any irritation. also a great plus was that the gel is clear as opposed to the white solids that claim to be clear but really leave you with visible white flecks (oh how i hate that! soooo not a good look!). although i'm pretty loyal to my Dove deodorant, i decided to give Almay a chance because it seemed like a great choice for the summer, wearing tank tops, etc.

the next afternoon i was planning to run around town with my friend and so after a shower, i applied the new deodorant. i made sure to carefully twist up only a tiny bit because i hate the wet, sticky feeling gel deodorants can leave you with when you've applied too much. right after i put it on it felt very sticky and slimy but i was in such a rush to get out the door that i figured it would dry eventually and off i went. huge mistake! as we were driving i was becoming more and more uncomfortable because instead of drying and becoming undetectable like it should have, the gel had only sort of halfway dried, leaving it feeling extremely tacky. it got so bad that i felt like i had covered my armpits in Super Glue! everytime i moved or lifted my arm the skin of my armpits actually stuck together! and when i touched the area where i had applied, it left my fingers feeling weirdly powdery but slick. it was unbelievably disgusting and i eventually had to go into a bathroom and wipe it off with a wet paper towel! can you imagine?!

as soon as i got home this monstrosity got tossed in the garbage can, and that's saying a lot because i almost NEVER throw away any kind of beauty products. it is officially the worst product i've had the displeasure of using in 2008. stay far, far away unless you have a thing for Super Glued pits! if you're in the market for a nice deodorant & anti-perspirant, check out Dove's range, several of which i've used and liked. they don't cause irritation, leave your armpits soft and smooth and hardly ever show up in little white flecks (especially if you only apply a small amount). i just got the Dove Go Fresh Cool Essentials Green Tea & Cucumber formula, $4.50, and not only does it smell great but it performs as well.

what are some of the worst products you've ever used? i'd love to hear about them so i can avoid them myself, so let me know in the comments!


Anonymous said...

Another horrible deo to use is any spray on kind- especially those made by network / pyramid companies, such as Amway. Hands down the worse deo in the world! Not only does it not work for the odor is does not stay put and flakes off your pit all day!

Eboni said...

Yes, both of them are very nice picks.... I'm too using Dove's deodorant from many years & it works great.

The Kitty said...

hi Anonymous! i'll definitely avoid the deo's that you talked about, but i've never wanted to try a spray on so i think i'll be safe...

hi Eboni! aren't Dove's deodorants the best? i love the one for sensitive skin and am currently using the new Green Tea smelling one, which is fab. long live Dove deodorant! :P